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Business Insurance

Protecting Your Business

Choosing the right policies and cover for your business can be complicated. I help you find the right policy, based on the coverage you need, premiums, and the ability of the insurance company to pay claims. There are many types of insurance cover available to protect your business.


All businesses need insurance in case of the unforeseen accident or oversight.

Insurance comes in many forms, such as an Error and Omissions Policy, Product Liability, or a General Liability policy to protect your business if you damage someone’s property or person during the course of your normal business activities.

Business Overhead

Business Overhead insurance pays the cost of your company to run if you or a key person cannot work due death or disability.

Key Person

Key Person insurance protects your company in case the person who knows your business the best cannot work due to death or disability.

Buy Sell Agreements

When you and your partners first formed your company it was not worth much, and if one partner passed away you simply sent that person’s estate a check. Now that your company has grown, if a partner dies, it will cost a considerable amount of money to keep that partner’s share away from the partner’s estate. This insurance, in conjunction with a legal agreement, purchases the deceased partner’s share and keeps control of the company with you.

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