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Estates and Trusts

Estate and Trust Conservation

An Estate plan, in conjunction with a Trust, is the best way to pass your inheritance to your heirs, whilst lowering taxes and reducing the threat of long-term care exhausting all your hard-earned life savings.

However, there are ways, with or without trusts, to pass money to the next generation whilst saving on state and federal taxes.

Some people will need an estate plan and a trust during their lifetime. There are steps other people can take to avoid paying for an estate pan and creating a trust. I work with CPAs and Trust attorneys to find the best plan for people who need Estate Plans and Trusts, and for those that don’t.

Understanding Your Estate: Critical Elements of an Estate Strategy

Establishing an estate strategy is crucial, yet many wait too long to put their wishes in writing. Use this helpful guide to review your estate strategy and start conversations with your loved ones, financial professionals, and legal team.