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The way it should be!

Are you Planning Retirement or Already Retired?

Either way our retirement specialists can help you achieve or enhance your retirement plan!

We are dedicated Retirement Planning advisors with more than 150 years of combined experience.

If you are planning retirement, Rockdale will help you become Retirement Ready!

If you are already retired, we can examine the many facets of your retirement and explore areas to help you improve your outcome and lifestyle in retirement! 

Retirement can and should be one of the most joyous times of your life!

So, what is the first step?

Let’s collaborate so you can enjoy retirement the way it should be!

Together we will design a plan for YOU to get the most out of your retirement!

Our advisors will engage you in an informative process that goes well beyond asset management.

To start you will learn methods for not outliving your income in retirement. We'll design a comprehensive, cohesive Holistic Retirement Readiness Plan specifically for you and your lifestyle.

Important topics covered include:

  • Phasing out of work
  • Lifestyle goals
  • Health Care
  • Sustainable retirement income
  • Social Security
  • Tax Planning
  • Legacy Planning

Once your plan is implemented, Rockdale Financial will monitor your plan and advise you of any adjustments that may be needed along the way.

From working with hundreds of clients we know that retirement is not something static, it is much more dynamic than you may think!

We are energized every day when we see our clients enjoying their retirement.

That is why our experienced and trusted advisors are enthusiastically looking forward to working with you!

Start here with a complimentary initial consultation and learn how our Imagine Retirement® Analysis can change the way you look at retirement.