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Many people believe that their financial well-being is linked solely to their ability to earn a high income. True financial independence, however, has more to do with understanding and taking advantage of the finances you have and the options for making smart financial decisions along your journey to retirement. When you meet with us, we get to know you, your life situation and your financial goals. 

What Makes Us Different

With more than 150 years of combined financial planning experience, we have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses pursue their financial goals and enjoy a comfortable retirement. We pride ourselves on educating our clients so they understand exactly what is happening with their investments, and help them to connect with others in our trusted network to help them to make the best decisions along their journey to retirement. We bring our experience, knowledge, and proven investment strategies. We also provide access to other professionals in our trusted network to help with financial decision making across all stages of your life, from planning for a child's college education to planning to accommodate your lifestyle in retirement. 

Personalized Financial Management

At Rockdale, our goal as your financial advisor is to help you plan for financial future. Whether you want to build wealth through investing, fund a child's college education, plan for a comfortable retirement, or protect your estate, we can help you develop a road map to pursue your goals and make wise decisions to help improve your financial situation. We offer more than 150 years of combined experience as investment advisors and have helped hundreds of families and businesses to prosper. 

In our process, we: 

  1. Gather and analyze as much data as possible to develop a clear understanding of your current financial situation and your financial aspirations.
  2. Based on your stated goals, risk tolerance and time horizon, we'll deliver a customized financial plan addressing your current needs while positioning you on a path toward your longer term objectives.
  3. Periodically review your plan, consult with you to make appropriate adjustments, and assist you in keeping your plan on track.

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